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What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model that has become increasingly popular in the world of e-commerce. It allows entrepreneurs to sell products online without the need for physical inventory. Instead, the seller partners with a supplier who stores and ships the products directly to the customer.

How does dropshipping work?

The dropshipping process is quite simple. When a customer makes a purchase from the seller's online store, the order is automatically forwarded to the supplier. The supplier then packages and ships the product directly to the customer, with the seller's brand and logo.

This means that the seller does not have to worry about stocking, packaging or shipping the products. These tasks are the responsibility of the supplier. The seller just needs to focus on promoting and selling the products.

Advantages of dropshipping

It offers several advantages for entrepreneurs who want to start an online business:

  • Low initial investment: Since there is no need to purchase and store inventory, the initial investment required to start a dropshipping business is significantly lower than a traditional business model.
  • Flexibility: It allows you to work from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. This offers great flexibility for entrepreneurs who want to travel or have a freer lifestyle.
  • Wide range of products: As the seller does not need to worry about physical inventory, he can offer a wide variety of products to customers, without physical space limitations.

How to start a dropshipping business?

If you are interested in starting a dropshipping business, here are some steps you should follow:

1. Choose a niche market

The first step is to choose a market niche for your business. It is important to find a niche with sufficient demand, but also little competition. Do market research to identify opportunities.

2. Find reliable suppliers

Finding reliable suppliers is essential to the success of your business. Research and contact different suppliers to compare prices, delivery times and return policies.

We recommend partnering with providers like QuickCommerce (https://quickcommerce.com.br/) and QCHost (https://qchost.com.br/), who are known for their reliability and quality of service.

3. Create an online store

Once you've chosen a niche and found reliable suppliers, it's time to create your online store. There are several eCommerce platforms available such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento that make it easy to create a professional store.

4. Promote your products

Once your online store is ready, it's time to start promoting your products. Use digital marketing strategies such as paid ads, content marketing and social media to reach your target audience and generate sales.

Recommended partners for contracting services

To ensure good performance and support for your business, we recommend the following partners:

  • QuickCommerce: A complete platform for creating and managing online stores.
  • QCHost: Reliable and secure hosting provider to ensure the stability of your website.
  • OVH Cloud: Offers scalable and secure hosting and infrastructure services.
  • Helpsysadmin: Company specialized in technical support and systems administration.


Dropshipping is an excellent option for entrepreneurs who want to start an e-commerce business with low initial investment. With a flexible business model and the ability to work from anywhere, dropshipping offers many advantages.

To ensure the success of your dropshipping business, it is important to choose a profitable niche market, find reliable suppliers, and promote your products effectively. Furthermore, relying on reliable partners, such as QuickCommerce, QCHost, OVH Cloud and Helpsysadmin, can guarantee quality support and the stability of your business.

Now that you understand the concept of dropshipping and the steps to starting a business in this model, you are ready to embark on this entrepreneurial journey. Good luck!

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