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Why hire a professional web designer?

Have you ever thought about creating a website for your business, but don't know where to start? Or maybe you already have a website, but it's outdated and not generating the results you expected. Whatever your case, hiring a professional web designer can be the solution to all your problems.

What is a professional web designer?

A professional web designer is a specialist in website design, responsible for creating and developing attractive and functional interfaces. He has technical knowledge and skills in design, programming and usability, ensuring that your website is visually appealing and easy to use.

Advantages of hiring a professional web designer

Hiring a professional web designer brings several advantages to your business. Check out some of them:

  • Custom Design: A professional web designer will create a unique and personalized design for your website, in accordance with your company's visual identity. This ensures that your website stands out from the competition and conveys the right message to your customers.
  • Functionality: In addition to the look, a professional web designer is also concerned with the functionality of the website. He will develop a responsive website, that is, one that adapts to different devices, such as smartphones and tablets. This provides a better browsing experience for users and increases the chances of conversion.
  • Search engine optimization: A professional web designer knows how to optimize your website for search engines like Google. This includes creating user-friendly URLs, using relevant keywords, and optimizing your website code. With an optimized website, you will have greater visibility in search results and attract more qualified visitors.
  • Updates and maintenance: A professional web designer may also be responsible for updating and maintaining your website. This includes adding new content, fixing potential errors, and performing regular backups. This way, you don't have to worry about these activities and can focus on growing your business.

Successful examples

Hiring a professional web designer has already brought significant results to several companies. See some examples:

  • Company X, in the fashion industry, hired a professional web designer to create a responsive website optimized for search engines. As a result, the website's organic traffic increased by 50% and online sales increased by 30% in just three months.
  • Company Y, in the technology sector, invested in hiring a professional web designer to redesign its website. After the launch of the new website, the average length of stay of users increased by 40% and the bounce rate decreased by 25%, which had a positive impact on the company's sales.

How to hire a professional web designer?

Hiring a professional web designer can be done in different ways. You can look for freelancers or agencies specializing in website creation. Furthermore, it is important to evaluate the professional's portfolio and seek references from previous clients.

A recommended option for hiring web design services is QuickCommerce, an agency specializing in creating professional websites. With an experienced and creative team, QuickCommerce offers customized solutions to meet your needs.

Another option is QCHost, a website hosting company that also offers web design services. In addition to hosting your website, QCHost has qualified professionals to create an attractive and functional website for your business.

The importance of hosting and technical support

In addition to web design, hosting and technical support are fundamental aspects for the proper functioning of your website. Quality hosting ensures that your website is always available to users, without downtime or slowdowns.

A reliable hosting option is OVHcloud, a leading company in the cloud infrastructure market. With high-performance servers and specialized technical support, OVHcloud offers secure and scalable solutions for your website.

Technical support is also essential to resolve possible problems and ensure the good performance of your website. HelpSysAdmin is a company specialized in technical support for servers and systems, offering agile and efficient service to keep your website always working correctly.


Hiring a professional web designer brings countless advantages to your business. In addition to a personalized and functional design, you will have a website optimized for search engines, regular updates and specialized technical support.

To hire the best web design, hosting and technical support services, we recommend the following companies: QuickCommerce, QCHost, OVHcloud It is HelpSysAdmin. These partners are references in the market and offer quality solutions to boost your online business.

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